Livestock Auctions


Whether you’ve been raising animals for decades or are looking for your first pair of bottle calves, a livestock auction may be the place to find your next livestock purchase. Livestock auctions are known by many names—sale barns, auction barns, livestock exchanges—but they all provide the same service: an excellent place to source great livestock at fair prices.
Livestock auctions generally fall into two categories: regular weekly sales and special sales:

  • Regular sales are held each week at a specific date and time. For example, an auction house may have a weekly livestock auction every Friday at 10 a.m. Regular sales attract all types of animals.
  • Special sales occur at a specific date and time set by the auction house, and they’re limited to a select type of animal. Special sales may be sheep sales, goat sales, or beef cattle sales. 

Livestock auctions are sometimes included as part of farm auctions if the entire farm/machinery/animals are being sold.