Before You Buy: Gather This information

Before you buy the home of your dreams, take the time to gather the following information and make sure you are okay with what you find:

  1. Condition Of Home
    For your protection – get a home inspection!
  2. Know The Lot Boundaries
    Before your inspection period is over, have the boundaries marked and inspect them to make sure there are no encroachments.
  3. Zoning Restrictions
    Most of the property around the lake is rural areas outside city limits. However, just to be safe, find out if the property you are purchasing is zoned.
  4. Restrictive Covenants
    Ask your REALTOR® for a copy of any/all restrictive covenants for the property you are purchasing.  Do this before the inspection period is over.
  5. Contingencies
    A contingency is a provision placed in a contract which requires the completion of a certain act or the happening of a particular event before the contract is binding.  If you want any contingency, make sure it is written into your sales contract.
  6. Taxes
    Generally the taxes on your newly acquired property will go up after the first year you purchase it.  This is because the County Assessor will reassess the property based on your sales price.  Ask your REALTOR® to figure an estimate of what your taxes will be after they are reassessed.
  7. Easements
    Find out what easements exist on the property you intend to purchase – again, find this out during your in