Disclosures a Seller Must Provide

Any seller who is selling one or two dwelling units who is 1) represented by a Licensed Real Estate Agent; or 2) not represented by a licensed real estate agent but who receives a written request from a prospective buyer, must complete and make available to the buyer a “Residential Property Condition Disclosure Statement.”

The purpose of the Disclosure form is for the seller to inform a prospective buyer about the condition of the home/property.  It is only good for 180 days.  After 180 days the seller is required to complete a new form. 

The disclosure form identifies items and improvements in the home which are included in the sale and whether or not these items and/or improvements are in normal working order.

A Disclaimer Statement is presented if 1) the Seller has never occupied the home; 2) makes no disclosures relating to the properties’ condition; and 3) the seller has no actual knowledge of any defect concerning the property.

If a house was built before 1978, the seller must provide you with a Lead-Based Paint Disclosure.

As a buyer, do not sign an offer to purchase a home until you have received all of the disclosures that should be made available to you.