Tax Tips for Buyers

Some of the expenses incurred during the process of purchasing your home can be deducted on that year’s tax return.  (Always consult an Accountant or CPA to discuss ALL tax related matters.)  Some of these deductions may include any prepaid mortgage interest and any property taxes.  These figures will be found on your settlement statement (HUD).

You should also keep all receipts and records for any capital improvements you make on your home.  Because tax laws are always changing, you never know when you may benefit from saving these records.

Right now you are also entitled to claim as deductions all mortgage interest paid on primary and secondary homes.

You may also deduct all property taxes on any real estate you own each year on your tax return.

Many of your moving expenses may also qualify as tax deductions also if your move is a result of a job transfer or if your move is related to a new job that is more than 50 miles away from your old job.