What is a TRD & TRR

When you write an offer on a property, you will have a specified time period to perform and complete all inspections, investigations and reviews of the property (10 days if left blank in contract). 

The date the “time period” starts for you to conduct these inspections, investigations and reviews is called the “Time Reference Date” (TRD).  The day after the TRD is counted as day one (1).  If the TRD is left blank, it will be the third (3rd) day after the last date of signatures of the parties on the contract.  Be sure and know when your TRD is and make sure you complete ALL inspections, investigations and reviews of the property within this time frame.  IF YOU DO NOT, YOU WILL BE ACCEPTING THE PROPERTY AS IS after this time period!

TRR stands for “Treatment, Repairs and Replacements.”  After your inspections are completed within the time reference period your REALTOR® will help you complete a TRR form to be signed and dated and then presented to the seller with any requested treatments, repairs and/or replacements.

Make sure your REALTOR® provides you with a ‘Flow Chart for Inspections, Investigations and Reviews and Buyer’s Request to Seller to Make Treatments, Repairs or Replacements.”