10 Things to Know About your REALTOR®


The REALTOR® that you are considering, how many listings do they have and how much volume have they sold during the current year? How does this compare to other REALTORS® in the area?


Does the REALTOR® you are considering work full-time? Have they earned any designations since they obtained their real estate license?


What is the marketing plan your potential REALTOR® has to help you sell your home faster? The best real estate agents will have a marketing plan that will cover the main information sources used in home searches:

Information Sources


Ask for a written commitment of the services the REALTOR® will provide for you during the marketing and during the closing process of your property.


Ask for the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the last three (five) Sellers you have represented? Call these people and ask the following questions:

  • Was the REALTOR® available to you in a timely manner when you needed to get a hold of them?
  • Was the final selling price of your home close to the original price the REALTOR suggested that you list at?
  • Did the REALTOR® live up to their marketing plan?
  • Did you feel that this REALTOR® was a strong negotiator?
  • Did your REALTOR® listen to your concerns and do their best to address them?
  • Would you recommend this person to your friends?


Does the REALTOR® offer to do a Comparative Market Analysis before suggesting a List Price.


Does the REALTOR® know the current rate of absorption?


How does the REALTOR® handle negotiating commissions?


Does the REALTOR’S® company have a large market share?


Does the REALTOR'S® company have a plan for helping you to avoid litigation?