12 Strategies to Net You the Most Money

In order to sell your property for the most amount of money in the least amount of time you must have maximum exposure of your home/land to the marketplace.   Below is a list of 12 key services that agents should use to provide you with maximum exposure.   The marketing plan should include:

  1. REALTOR® with a top list-sell ratio
  2. REALTOR® being a member of the Multiple Listing Service and entering your property on the MLS
  3. REALTOR® who is in the top 10 in their area for number of listings and sales volume
  4. Marketing plan to reach other real estate professionals. (After all, who has the largest pool of buyers for real estate? Other real estate agents do. Ask the real estate professional if their office pays a higher fee to their associates if they sell an in-house listing. Also ask them if they split the real estate fee 50/50 with another real estate professional who sells your home. If the answer to the first question is "yes" or the answer to question #2 is "no," move on. This takes away from maximizing the potential of your home being sold by real estate professionals outside their office.
  5. Call or email capture of some sort included in the marketing plan for your property
  6. Listing appears on the top five real estate websites on the internet with maximum pictures.
  7. Listing appears on the Company Website
  8. Company/agent appears on page 1 of major search engines for the area
  9. Staging services are available to help you present your home for showings
  10. Agent has "Just Listed" and/or "Featured Home" print media plan for advertising
  11. Company Service Guarantee to assure your satisfaction.

These are not the only marketing strategies but these are some of the most important ones.   If you have chosen a REALTOR® that utilizes these strategies, you can feel confident s/he will most likely do a good job for you.