Are You Ready to Sell?

So you have decided to sell your home. The key word here is “decided.” Before you put your home on the market, make sure you have really decided you are ready to sell. If you have not made this decision emotionally, you will set yourself up to lose money on one of your biggest investments in life. Staying emotionally attached to your house means you will more than likely not prepare your home to sell, you will not de-personalize the transaction and you will tend to over price your house. In the long run this will cause you to lose money. Know that you are ready to detach and let go of the emotional tie to your house. You will then be in a position to start researching your REALTOR® and be ready to listen to the advice of the expert. How will you know when you have detached and are emotionally ready to sell? You will know this when you are okay with de-personalizing your house in preparation to sell. You will also know you are ready when you are willing to find out what a Comparable Market Analysis says the fair market value is of your home and you are willing to list it within 5% of the value. Then, you know you are ready to sell.