Professional Fee

How Our REALTOR® Professional Fee Is Determined and Divided

During the Pre-Listing conference the REALTOR® professional fee is negotiated between the listing agent and the seller.  This fee goes toward what is called risk capital.  See below for a breakdown of these expenses.

There is also a Transaction Fee of $150.00 that is only charged and collected when the property is sold and closed.  This fee goes directly to the Transaction Coordinator for her services from the time the sales contract is signed and through closing.

Also know that we offer 50% of the commission to the other co-operating brokers in the community as compensation if one of them secures a buyer for your home.  They in turn split that amount with their company.  The balance is split between the company, Eufaula Lakeshore Realty and the in-house agent responsible for the listing.  The portion the agent keeps covers his/her salary and business expenses to sell your home.  Those business expenses or risk capital include the following:

Risk Capital

Money that a REALTOR® puts to work for you even before a buyer is found:

  • Telephone
  • Mobile Phone, Fax, Long Distance, Internet Service, Voice Mail
  • Office Postage
  • Daily Office Mail, Fed Ex, Courier Service
  • Dues and Subscriptions
  • Printing
  • Supplies
  • Business Auto Expense
  • Education and Training
  • Legal and Professional Fees
  • Business Equipment
  • Business Insurance
  • Advertising
  • Artwork/Design
  • Flyers, Postcards and handouts
  • Photography
  • Internet Advertising
  • Website Fees
  • Broker Management Fees